Electricity abuse

Leihlo La Sechaba looks into how complaining community members abuse electricity. They bypass meter boxes to avoid paying, illegally connect the cables, and even vandalize transformers.


The South African Human Rights Commission is mulling urgent court action to compel the Free State government to immediately relocate Nyakallong residents, whose homes are awash in sewage water. Houses and sewage pump is submerged under water. The water has combination of mine water and sewage. Residents where promised to be moved to an alternative place, provided by Matjhabeng local municipality and Harmony mine, unfortunately nothing has been done.

Mental Health Awareness Month

In light of July being mental health awareness month, we focus on the psychological killing of women and children. What does this say to us as a society? What are the reasons for these heinous crimes? What is the solution? We talk to Thabo Monyatsi who is a psychologist and Thuso Motaung who has a popular men’s show on Lesedi FM.

Insurance Murders

Life insurance and investment companies detected more than 2000 cases of fraudulent insurance claims in 2022 and 1500 involve funeral claims. Some people resort to killing loved ones for life insurance payouts. One of those people is Agnes Segomotsi Setshwnatsho, who is accused of killing her son for 6 million rand insurance payout and her niece for 3 million rand. Agnes had insured more than 40 relatives.

Youth In Farming

With the average age of a South African farmer being about 62 years, the government is encouraging more young people to get more involved in agriculture. However, to farm successfully, young farmers complain about the need for secure access to land, water, affordable energy sources and better access to funding. Leihlo la Sechaba visited some of the young farmers as part of Youth Month activities in the country.

Land Scams

Leihlo La Sechaba looks at the complex land issue. Focussing on growing land scams, from the selling of stands to big portions of land and farms alike. How does the deed’s office take part in it all?

Land disposession and trauma

A family evicted from their home outside Krugersdorp accuses the courts of using the wrong piece of legislation to sanction their eviction. Prestige Park management using the PIE Act recently evicted the Molefe family, which has stayed on a plot of land since 1955. That act classified them as illegal occupiers. However, the family insists that their rights to that land are protected under the ESTA Act. The family also accuses officials at Mogale City Local Municipality of bending the rules to enable the process of their eviction by the developers.

Local Government Elections

Coalitions governments became eminent following the results of the Local Government Elections in 2021. There was no outright majority winner from political parties. These included 5 metropolitan municipalities. As we are heading towards the May 29th poll, we look at what has worked, what has not and what coalitions mean to you as the voter. Prof. Kealeboga Maphunye helps us to unpack these issues.

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